I am Dr. John Cook. For thirty years I started churches in Canada and trained Canadians to pastor those churches. After thirty years I had to retire due to health problems; however the Lord is enabling us to prepare courses of study to help those churches now to train men for the Lord’s service.

I am an ordained Baptist preacher. I believe that God miraculously preserved the verbal inspiration of His word in the King James Bible. Therefore I believe that when I hold the King James Bible I hold the verbally inspired infallible word and words of God.

I trust that the Lord will use this ministry to advanced the cause of reaching the lost around the world.

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  1. Rod Burkholder

    Hi Bro. Cook. This is Rod Burkholder from American Canyon, CA. I just wanted you to know I still pray for you and your wife and the works in Canada.
    I hope all is well with you all.

    • Dr. John Cook

      Hello Brother Burkholder, thank you for your quick note and for your promise of prayers on our behalf. We certainly appreciate all those who pray for us, as well as all the churches and their support both spiritually and financially. God continues to bless the works in Canada for which we are grateful. Lord willing, at the end of April, we will be holding a church planting conference on Prince Edward Island, at the Beacon Baptist Church in Charlottetown. This is a new church that was started by Pastor David Bueckert, one of the first man we trained in our ministry in Canada. What a joy it is to see the Lord raising up new churches in Canada as this was our desire when we went there in the first place. Thank you for your prayers and may God bless you. Please greet your pastor and church for us and thank them for their faithfulness in supporting us.

      Yours for souls for the Savior,

      John and Jeri-Ann Cook
      Missionaries to Canada

    • Dr. John Cook

      Thank you brother. I sent you an email, but am not certain you got it. We really appreciate your prayers for our ministry. God bless!

      Missionary John Cook

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